New Marigny Theatre

About New Marigny Theatre

Our Mission

We are a catalyst for creativity with a mission to educate, incubate & curate individual and collaborative works within our community.

The Facility

Available for Private Events

We will be offering classes and workshops in a variety of disciplines. From interesting lectures on permaculture possibilities & manifesting mindfulness to engaging artistry and support services. We aspire to provide these things and just about everything in between. Have an idea for a class? Reach out to us!

Our goal is to inspire and incubate a wide variety of creative and community collaborations. We hope to launch an artist-in-residence program and plan on assisting in producing new work with an emphasis on sacred arts.

Join us for a variety of engaging explorations. We will be hosting a wide variety of events in arts, awareness, and advocacy. From theatrical presentations and musical productions to artist exhibitions, community fundraisers and so much more…. We are committed to being a valuable resource for the community.